• Yetkin Dikinciler
    Yetkin Dikinciler
    Rush! I think it always has been identical with life. Puckering of trying to catch up from place to place, hurry up to going to work, complete of a job frenzy, rushing of misundertanding, hurrying to arrive home… So, bustle of life. Even, you can not separete some free time for yourself. You would search for a refuge, to forget all the rush. There is alot of job in Baymaske too. They are also going to work, completing their works, and backing to home. They are alive too. But there is no rush! If they say, “there is” don’t believe them. In the midst of all the bustle, they are working and living in the presence of shelter which we need. Baymaske is living in peace. If you will come over to there oneday, you could understand. They shares their shelter. All my Love BayMaske.
  • Gökhan Telkenar
    Gökhan Telkenar
    Dear Şeyma and Baymaske, who gives a life and sprit to voices, devoted, takes you to the different world with their touches, who makes everything for their friends… In the new process, luck, success and immaculate feelings will always be with you.
  • Oğuz Özoğul
    Oğuz Özoğul
    In fact, have a lot to say, and can be summarized with a single word. Family! Nice place which feel like I am in home. Mutual trust, love, respect and ofcourse friendship without stake. Hope to overthrow nice years along.
  • Onur Akgülgil
    Onur Akgülgil
    Baymaske Family’s focal point is always, “human being”. Although the road is flat or uphill which they walks, even projects, venues and dates could be change; beloved friends always be with Baymaske. They have two reasons to be like a family: First of all, uncover talent of finding our voice temperatures and search the voices truth. And this exhibition features a highly professional manner.
  • Payidar Tüfekçioğlu
    Payidar Tüfekçioğlu
    I’ve seen so many unmasked person, but no one hasn’t like Baymaske.
  • Uluğ Aydeniz
    Uluğ Aydeniz
    They are honest! They are take place within the sector. You will not doubt that they will protect your right. They are experts in the business and works and they don’t hesitate to share it with the people. So, of course Baymaske, for work with people like that.
  • Faruk Akgören
    Faruk Akgören
    Voice Overing and Dubbing was respectable business. You are entering people’s homes with your voice. This is such a magnificent business which you take them to another world with your voice. Formerly, actors and actresses would deal in this business and I hope it is still so. I am entering dubbing records almost 25 - 30 years with great masters of this art. My masters was dubbing as they speaks with ease as if their at home. They were creating wonders with their magical voices. Cause of those dubbing studios were like their homes. There was no disrespecting. Seniors loved youths, and youths respected seniors. Conversations and memory sharing was irresistible. Years have passed and like almost everything, this profession corrupted too. Causes were private studios. In brief, corruption continues today. Baymaske is the only place who could say stop to this situation. Şeyma and Selim so kind-hearted and respectful people. They'd never misbehave you, never disrespect. Fortunately, there is Baymaske. If you want to be comfortable and being respect also make a good job of it when dubbing records, your correct address is Baymaske. I love them.
  • Umut Abdül Süsler
    Umut Abdül Süsler
    “Feeling at home” sense is priceless. You can feel this sense in very few places. But you can definitely feel it at Baymaske!
  • Senem Ekener
    Senem Ekener
    Their professional approach in whole process, their sensitive communication virtues and their peaceful working environment are improves the quality of the product. If that is what you are looking for, Baymaske is the address.
  • Berna Başer
    Berna Başer
    Şeyma is the perfect companion who has positive energy and always smiling face. Baymaske surrounded with her positive energy. Baymaske is one of the place which I working in enjoy. God Speed Baymaske, with love and warm regards.
  • Sefa Zengin
    Sefa Zengin
    There is not only “Professional Works” in Baymaske. Şeyma approach you as a fellow, as a family relative with friendly and motherly compassion. Her kindness and thoughtfulness awakens the desire to work once again. Dubbing artists and bussines owners are always happy at Baymaske with her love and intimacy. How happy to be together and get to know you. Hope to our work perseverance and our joy are never decrease.Unmasked faces are awating you alway at Baymaske.
  • Ömer Atalay Yıldıran
    Ömer Atalay Yıldıran
    Baymaske is a trademark which has set its own attitude and style. Sounds convertes to words in Baymaske with their corporative identity. Hope to our success to get the time and happiness of working together will be endless.
  • Pelin Gülmez
    Pelin Gülmez
    Her smiling face, her fairness, her professional manner about the job and mirroring these features to her works are great happiness for me since first met with Şeyma. Hope to the way of Baymaske always be bright. With love…
  • Kaan İpekçioğlu
    Kaan İpekçioğlu
    Friendship, honesty and quality works. That’s the definition and manner of Baymaske. I'm proud to work with you and being your friend…